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Southern Ting

The Southern Ting Experience (trial size)

The Southern Ting Experience (trial size)

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The Southern Ting Experience in a trial size is a bundle of our gourmet Every-Ting Sauce and Macaroni Pie Cheese Sauce Kit. Our scratch-made, creamy cheese sauce kit as a baked mac n' cheese or casserole dish paired with our sweet and tangy Every-Ting sauce makes for a filling and delicious meal that will not disappoint. Experience an explosion of flavor in every bite.

Serving Size: 3-4

Included in Bundle:

• 12 oz jar of Every-Ting Sauce (vegetarian/gluten free)

• 16 oz jar of Macaroni Pie Cheese Sauce Kit (gluten free/lactose free/vegetarian) 

• Choice of Pasta

• Macaroni Pie Cooking Instructions


Produced at a local certified gluten free and nut free production facility

Care Instructions

Must keep products refrigerated before and after opening since there are no preservatives. Each product is sold at its freshest state.

FAQs (Shipping, Shelf Life, and more)

What is Macaroni Pie?

Macaroni Pie is the original name for baked macaroni and cheese. There are variations of this dish across the globe, however the Southern version of macaroni pie originates from James Hemings, American chef and slave of Thomas Jefferson. To honor the African Diaspora, our family created an artisan style cheese sauce fused with traditional Caribbean and Southern flavors to make for creamy baked macaroni and cheese fresh out of your oven!

Where can I find the Macaroni Pie Cheese Sauce Cooking Instructions?

Please click the following link  or you may find the instructions on the Macaroni Pie Cheese Sauce product page

Do the sauces need refrigeration?

Yes, all sauces must be refrigerated before and after opening since each product is made with all natural ingredients and there are no preservatives (which is a great thing).

How long does the Every-Ting Sauce last?

Keep refrigerated before and after opening for a maximum of 30 days!

How long does the Macaroni Pie Cheese Sauce last?

Keep refrigerated before and after opening for a maximum of 7 days!

Where can I find information on shipping (i.e shipping days, estimated shipping time, or tracking information)

Please click the following link for all shipping info

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